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Virtual Slavery

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Have you been looking for a confident, controlling woman to take you on a journey of total submission? One that will take you on a mind fuck like you have never experienced before? Do you crave the touch and guidance of a woman that can be sensual, soft and caring one minute and demanding, cruel and sadistic the next? Do you enjoy when your Mistress praises you, My pet? When she strokes your cheek and tells you what a good pet you have been or do you enjoy when she leads you around by your balls, crushing them as she does so?

I aspire to occupy all levels of your needs hierachy, to encompass your entire existence. To serve me is to surrender yourself entirely.

Virtual slavery requires a commitment of continued contact, either by phone, webcam, or email.

Training packages vary, but each is designed with a common goal: To break you into a thousand pieces and reassemble you as I see fit. This is about dedication, a work ethic, taking playtime seriously, wanting to progress as a loser, and, most importantly, to make me wildly happy.

New Slave Package (You may obtain this whenever you want.)

The Joke’s On You: Humiliation Whores and Fools
Let me just put this out there; I do not take you seriously as a man. I have a phenomenal sense of humor -and it makes for a knife of surgical precision when flaying you alive. Ruining the self-worth of a sub, while simultaneously making him hot under the collar, is about as difficult as shooting fish in a barrel. You’ll love my laugh and you’ll learn to do whatever it takes to hear it.

Big Spender: Financial Slavery and Pay Pigs
I like foreplay. Luring you into wanting things that no sane man would want, makes me feel like a million (of your) bucks. This training package is designed to tease you, to make you feel, much like in the infomercials, as though you’re losing money if you don’t buy it. The bottom line is always about profit. In this case, mine.

Boys Wanna Be Her: Sissy Sluts and Wannabe’s
I know, I know… You spent half your childhood trying on your mother’s heels and now you wear your wife’s panties. Congratulations, you’re a mess. If you want real refinement, you need to learn a few secrets, have reasonable expectations placed on you, and you need graded on your progress, because you look like a clown in a thong when it’s left up to you. You can safely expect a healthy dose of humiliation with this package, as well. (Make sure you own a tube of lipstick before even asking for this training package.)

Mind Fuck: Psychological Domination
Not for the faint of heart. If you want something deeper, more extended, and to truly open yourself up to devotion, this package will sate you. Much of it is cerebral, so please don’t request Psychological Domination unless you consider yourself highly-literate and patient. This is a special cocktail, mixed differently for each admirer, down to the last detail. You will need to be consistent and are expected to understand the time I invest into your training.

The Real McCoy: True Slaves
Ah, so you think you’ve reached a point of self-actualization, so advanced, that you can fully accept doing what it takes to please the Impossible-to-Please? I want two things in regard to you. The first is to give you a run for your money. The second is everything else.

Each package comes with a different set of guidelines. Some involve weekly payments, some monthly. Some are based on individual assignments, others use a scale to track your progression. Many of the packages change and evolve as your training does. Everything is individualized. If you’re interested in a specific package, simply request more information and I will send you an application form. (Yes, you have to apply. I don’t like everyone and these are fairly in-depth and personal forms of training. Not just anyone gets to play. Welcome to exclusivity.)